Rooms for hire

Community Centre rooms are available to hire individually as well as in combination.

Hall: £12 per hour
Kitchen: £3 p.h.
Front (Committee) Room: £10 p.h.
Upstairs Room: £10 p.h.

Thus the hire of the entire ground floor would be £25 p.h.

Atrium: this area is not available to hire on its own but hirers of the hall are permitted to use it as a reception on the understanding that it is a room THROUGH WHICH OTHER USERS AND VISITORS MAY PASS in order to access other rooms.


Stage: The Centre has a modular stage. This is stored on a wheeled dolly and comprises 21 wooden panels, each 700 mm x 700 mm with a grey carpeted finish on one side, varnished natural wood on the other, mounted on metal framed platforms. These are of 2 heights. We have 6 frames @ 500 mm height (19 inches) and 15 frames @ 277.5mm (11 inches). The stage can be constructed using a combination of heights. A hirer would need to be given instruction by a Centre volunteer in the construction and dismantling of the stage.  There will be an additional fee of £20 payable for use of stage or any part thereof.

Additional Lighting: this is mounted half way down the hall on the sides. Regularly used when staging a concert, they connect to mains sockets via IEC cable connectors (kettle leads) with extensions and are stored in a yellow cardboard box on top of the filing cabinet of the small store room. The units are standard “par can” theatre-type lights fitted with soft filters of straw and orange gels, two on one side of the room, one on the other. They are adjustable in so far as they can be slackened off and twisted around the poles to which they are mounted so to illuminate the opposite end of the room.

Users would need to be instructed in the use of the stage and the lighting. The £20 fee reflects the call-out of one of our volunteers this would demand.

Sound system: the hall’s permanent system with JVC speakers mounted high up in the 4 corners of the hall suffice for announcements and background music which can be played from the DVD/CD player sited in the small store room. Should the hirer wish to run recordings from his/her own device, the hirer would need to provide the appropriate connector: the inputs to the house amplifier are “phono” plugs

Public Address: should a bigger sound system be required for use of professional entertainers, the Centre’s chair, Seamus Heffernan owns a PA hire company, Shamrock PA Hire – other PA hire companies are available

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