Centre activity organiser’s checklist

, September 10th 2020

Organisers’ checklist


  1. Those running groups must record names and contact details of all attending every session. These records must be retained for a minimum 21 days for track and trace purposes. Details must include the full name and a minimum of 2 means of contact (mobile phone number, landline phone number, postal address)


  1. Limit numbers to comply with 2m social distancing rule: maximum numbers in the Hall = 30; front room = 10; upstairs room = 12. For activities involving bodily movement (Yoga, Dance, Pilates), a space of 3 metres square is required. Therefore the maximum number of 15 people in hall (This equates to a 3m X 3.3m area for each participant)


  1. Verbally instruct all Centre users in your charge on the rules. Do this at the start of each session for benefit of new attendees


  1. Arrive early to check hand gels, lavatory allocation and access, signage, writing materials for list making, tissues/paper hankies for coughers and sneezers


  1. Supply paper hankies and enable easy access to them during session


  1. At the end of the session, group leaders will be responsible for the wiping down of all surfaces: tables, chairs, door handles, window handles, light switches, heating controllers. For those activities inherently involving physical movement whilst in contact with the floor (Dancing, Yoga, Pilates, Toddlers) organisers will additionally be required to vacuum and mop the floor at the end of the session.


  1. At the end of the session remove any paper hankies from the hanky bin and remove any used paper towels from the bins in that lavatory allocated the group


  1. Brief all your members, clients and visitors of all your responsibilities listed in this document


  1. All users need to wear a face mask, even if it is only when entering or leaving the building. This can be discarded when any physical activity begins.

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