Local Authority set up advice line

, March 26th 2020

01200 414597

operable 9am – 5pm Mon to Fri

Ribble Valley Borough Council has set up a dedicated phone number to help the most vulnerable people in it’s community who are facing difficulties, worries and loneliness as a result of Coronavirus- this is to be manned by Council staff. Working in partnership with residents, businesses, partners and the voluntary sector to provide free help and support with everyday needs such as:

Obtaining food parcels

Collecting prescriptions

Preventing loneliness

Housing advice

Financial and debt advice

Help with shopping

Meals on Wheels


This helpline is available for residents that may need additional support during the outbreak as well as those wanting to volunteer their time and services. Local businesses seeking advice are also encouraged to use it. Online forms can be completed by both those requesting help and those seeking volunteering opportunities:

“We know that lots of people and businesses are already doing everything they can and are making a huge difference in the most difficult times- if you are aware of any existing support groups/ people needing support please direct them to our web-site where all the information will be found:¬†https://www.ribblevalley.gov.uk/info/200394/council_news/1741/coronavirus_covid-19/3

Mellor Brook Community Centre’s chair, Seamus Heffernan phoned the number on Wednesday 25 March. This phone does NOT have a dedicated employee to service it: it is hoped someone in the office will be available to answer it while conducting their day-to-day duties¬†so stay on the line. Staffing levels at the Council Offices are down through sickness and self-isolation and no extra staff units have been allocated to this new service. Following a one-minute wait, SH was able to offer the Community Centre for use in any local authority outreach initiatives to combat the Coronavirus threat.

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