Community Centre reverts to school after 58 years

, June 26th 2020

Agreement has been reached between St Leonard’s school management and the Volunteer management team at the Community Centre to allow the use of the Centre for extra space required for learning under the national initiative: Return to School. Use of Mellor Brook Samlesbury War Memorial Hall will allow compliance with social distancing regulations which was not possible at Balderstone. Final approval from Lancashire County Council is awaited but preparations for teaching Key Stage 1 children are now taking place.

Morning classes will begin on Monday 6th July at 8.45 terminating at 12.15 and will run for (nearly) 2 weeks until Thursday 16 July

The most significant impact on local residents is likely to be increased traffic up to 9.00 am and again around 12 noon. The 2 groups of 15 children coming to the Centre will have off-set start times of 8.45 and 9.00 am to minimise congestion. Use of the Feilden Arms car park for drop-off has been sought from Bridgehouse Brewery. Parents will not be allowed to enter the Centre. The Centre requests that any local residents not requiring regular access to their car, park it away from the entrance to the Centre over these 9 days.

The building was used as a school up until 1962.

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