26th October 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts

Friday 26 October 8.00 (doors 7.30)


This South Yorkshire duo write much of their own material. They have an enviable reputation in the folk music fraternity in so far as their material covers many favourite subjects – murder, sex and the supernatural, then gives it a contemporary tweak.  2015 saw the release of their fourth album, Conflict Tourism, which appeared on several end-of-year Best Album lists and received national airplay on both BBC Radio 2 & BBC 6Music.

Katriona is an accomplished fiddler, mandolin player and singer; Jamie plays guitar – often on his lap adding a percussive element, and also sings. In 2016, the duo marked a decade of performing together with their first live album, released ten years to the day since their first EP launch

There will be a bar selling a draught ale, red and white wine and a selection of soft drinks.

Seating will be unreserved.

tickets @ £13
in person at Britannia Gallery (opening times)
on line via Eventbrite
or by sending s.a.e. and cheque payable to J Aspin to 53, Briar Road, Blackburn BB1 9TF
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